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Refreshing a List

As you perform maintenance the system will mark any applicants that no longer meet the criteria and filters for the certificate with a yellow exclamation mark to the left of the applicant's name. They will remain on the list until the list is refreshed. The page will also display a banner at the top reminding you that the list will need to be refreshed.

Once you have completed your review of the applicants, refresh the Applicant List by clicking the Refresh icon. Refresh is the green arrow icon that displays at the top of the list next to the total number of applicants. Selecting Refresh updates the list to reflect any maintenance performed during the applicant review. After your list has been refreshed, click the Save List button.

Note: You must Refresh the applicant list prior to issuing a certificate; otherwise, the changes made during the applicant review will not be reflected on the certificate.

Applicant list with refresh button highlighted.