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Referral Criteria

The Referral Criteria and information about these options are outlined below. The options displayed will depend on the Certificate Type selected; not all options will be available for all certificates. We advise you to consult with your local Standard Operating Procedures or agency guidance for further information on setting your referral criteria.

Certificate grade field

Certificate Grade. If the announcement has only one grade, the system defaults to that grade. If the announcement has multiple grades, the grades are displayed in a drop down list. Certificates cannot be issued for multiple grades. A grade must be selected.

Rank By field

The Rank By selection determines how applicants will be ranked on the list. When issuing a Category Rating list, it will default to Rating (exclude Veteran Points). You should use this default for your Category Rating list.

Rank By Options:

  • Rating (include Veteran Points)—applicants are ordered by score and veteran's preference rules. This option is the default when you select Competitive (DEU) as your Certificate Type.
  • Rating (exclude Veteran Points)—applicants are ordered by score excluding veterans preference points. This may be applied to Merit Promotion, Category Rating, and Non-Traditional certificate types. Under Category Rating the eligible Veteran will not receive additional points but will be placed at the top of the assigned category.
  • Raw Score— will order applicants by their raw score. Raw score is the applicant's score prior to being transmuted to a rating of 70 to 100. The use of this Raw Score item is an option, however, your agency Standard Operating Procedures must support the use of this option and you need to understand the Raw Score Range for that specific assessment.
  • Eligibles Only—the list will show all eligible applicants that meet the criteria for the list. The Eligibiles Only option will not use a score to rank order applicants on the list. However, it will provide all applicants that meet the basic eligiblity, location, and grade criteria for that list.

Priority Order field

Priority Order determines how the applicants are ordered on the list. When the CTAP/ICTAP Well Qualified Score item is displayed, you will need to input a well-qualified score as outlined by your agency's SOP. Applicants that claim CTAP/ICTAP when applying must meet the certificate criteria and the Well Qualified Score. If qualified, they will display at the top of the list as a Priority Referral Candidate. CTAP/ICTAP claims will need to be adjudicated before referring that person on a certificate.

Priority Order Options:

  • Priority Referrals, Compensable Veterans—this option will order CTAP/ICTAP qualified candidates at the top of the certificate under a priority referral heading, followed by compensable veterans (if any), then the remaining applicants meeting the ordering criteria in score order with veteran's preference rules applied.
  • Float Compensable Veterans Only—this option will place all compensable veterans at the top of the certificate. Remaining applicants meeting the ordering criteria will be added after the compensable veterans group.
  • Category Rating Rules— will place veterans on the certificate based on normal category rating rules provided they meet the category cut-off score. Any Priority Referral candidates will be placed at the top of the list under a separate Priority Referral category.
  • None—when this option is selected, no priority order is applied to the certificate and applicants are certified according to the rest of the ordering criteria.
  • Float Priority Referrals—this option will place all priority referral candidates at the top of the certificate before any remaining applicants that meet the ordering criteria.
  • Absolute Veterans Preference—this option will place all veterans at the top of the certificate in preference order followed by the remaining non-veteran applicants that meet the ordering criteria.

Refer Method field

Refer Method selection allows you to designate the number of names, cut-off score, or category that will apply to this list. Since this is a category rating list it defaults to Top Category.

Refer Method Options:

  • Number of Names—this option allows you to request a specific number of names for the list. The system will provide up to that number of applicants that meet the criteria.
  • Cutpoint—this option allows you to designate a cut-off score for the list. Applicants that have that cut-off score, or higher, and meet the criteria will be included on the list.
  • Top Category—this option will list applicants that meet the highest rating category established.

Order field

Order. Applicants will be ordered according to the option selected.

Order Options:

  • Rating—displays applicants in the order of their ratings.
  • Name— displays applicants in alphabetical order by last name, first name, and middle initial.
  • By Date— This option places applicants in order by the application date.

Tie Breaker field

Tie Breaker. The selection made from this drop-down list determines the order applicants will be placed on the certificate should a tie occur. The options available depend on the rules governing the Certificate Type selected.

Tie Breaker Options:

  • None—when this option is selected, no tie breaker is applied to the certificate and applicants are certified according to the rest of the ordering criteria.
  • Random Number—this is the default tie breaker. This option uses the last four digit(s) of the SSN as the tie breaker for ordering purposes when two or more applicants have the same rating. The Random Number is a system-generated number that displays on the top of the certificate, changes daily, and cannot be manipulated. Once a Random Number is assigned to a list, it will not change.