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Applicant Documents

To review the applicant's documents, click the number displaying in the Documents column for that applicant. A pop-up window will display the documents for that applicant.

The pop-up window contains the following:

  • Document Name is a link to access the document in PDF form. The link is blue if the document can be accessed. If it is white, it means the document is still processing. If it is red, it means there is an issue with the document. If the document is red or not readable, submit a help ticket to get further assistance.
  • Document Type is defined by the applicant at the time they submitted their documents. The available document types are based on the selections the HR user made on the Vacancy Supporting Documents page.
  • Required column states whether the document is required or not as designated by the HR user on the Vacancy Supporting Documents page.
  • HM Viewable column allows you to designate which documents will go to the Hiring Manager if/when the applicant is referred. In order for a Hiring Manager to see a document in the system, this box must be checked for each document.
  • NH Viewable column allows you to designate which documents are viewable in New Hire. This will be important if this applicant is selected and onboarded through USA Staffing.
  • Received column shows the date and time the document was received by the system.
  • Separate Pages from Document icon allows you to separate documents that were uploaded in a single file and designate specific pages as a different document type. This is useful if the applicant submits all supporting documents in one file or if the file contains a prohibited item like a picture.

The Add New Document area on the bottom of pop-up allows the HR User to upload documents on behalf of the applicant.

Note: Any documents listed in yellow are still being processed. Documents listed in red failed during the upload and conversion process. If you have issues viewing a document, or if a document is displaying incorrectly, submit a help desk ticket.

The Documents area of an applicant's record expanded. The sample applicant has 4 documents Resume, DD214, SF50, and Transcripts.