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Practice and Resources

Now that you are familiar with how Referral works in USA Staffing, we highly encourage you to use the practice exercises below to apply your new knowledge. Each exercise will open in a separate tab. Once you have saved or printed the exercise, close the tab or click back on the original training tab to return to this page.

Exercise 1: Key Entering an Applicant Practice Exercise

Exercise 2: Issuing a Certificate Practice Exercise

Exercise 3: Review and Hiring Manager Practice Exercise

Exercise 4: Auditing a Certificate and Sending Disposition Letters Practice Exercise

To access a complete list of training exercises, bookmark the USA Staffing Training Resources page at: https://help.usastaffing.gov/ResourceCenter/index.php/USA_Staffing_Training_Resources.

At this time you will be using the Stage environment to practice what you have learned. The Stage environment is a non-live version of USA Staffing. You can access the Stage environment at: http://stage.usastaffing.gov.

You will need to check with your Office Administrator to make sure you have a Stage account. Once you confirm access, your user ID for the site is your e-mail address and you can use the Forgot Password option to create your password.

Browser requirements for USA Staffing can be found here: https://help.stage.usastaffing.gov/USAS/index.php?title=Browser_Compatibility.