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Pending Applicants

In addition to merge applicants, on occasion you may see applicants with a Record Status code that begins with a "P" (Pending) rather than "A" (Active) or "I" (Inactive). Pending applicants are waiting on an action before their record can be designated as Active or Inactive. You should resolve all Pending applicants before issuing your certificates and issuing further notifications.

The most common "P" applicant you may encounter is PI (Pending Initiation) status. Applicants are assigned this status for many different reasons.

Since PI records can be created from several different instances, we recommend first trying to Re-Rate your PI applicant to see if that resolves the issue. To do that use these instructions: https://help.usastaffing.gov/USAS/index.php?title=Re-Rating_an_applicant_record

If that does not work, submit a helpdesk ticket to have the team research the issue and assist you with resolving the issue.

Sample applicant record with the PI status. The status displays in the upper-right quadrant of the page.