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Overview of USA Staffing

USA Staffing® is the U.S. Office of Personnel Management's (OPM) talent acquisition system for Federal agencies. It is organized around the staffing process. The below image shows each of the major components of the staffing process in USA Staffing.

Staffing Process

Work begins in the system with a request. Once the request is approved, USA Staffing will create a vacancy. The HR User will complete the vacancy information. Next, the user creates the assessment which will be used to evaluate applicants. Then the user will create the announcement and, when ready, it can be released to USAJOBS. During the announcement open period, applicants apply to the job by submitting biographic information, responses to the assessment questionnaire, and supporting documentation. The submitted information is displayed as an applicant record in USA Staffing under the vacancy. Next, applicants are reviewed and placed on certificates that are then sent to the Hiring Manager. The Hiring Manager can review a certificate, make selections, and return that certificate to HR for final audit.

If your agency uses the onboarding module, you can send the new hire your agency-specific onboarding forms and tasks. The onboarding module allows your new hire to complete the required paperwork online and submit the completed forms back to HR. Once the new hire completes these items, you can review and send them to the electronic Official Personnel Folder (eOPF) or your agency's system of record.

At various points in this process you can notify applicants and produce reports.