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Merging Applicant Records

On occasion, an applicant may apply to a vacancy multiple times, using separate USAJOBS accounts. This is often done by accident, because they can no longer access the first account, or because they don't want to take the time to go through the password reset process for that account. The result of using two separate accounts is that the applicant will have two separate records in the vacancy. To address these situations, USA Staffing employs a process that identifies potential applicant conflicts and likely matches. Matches are identified at the vacancy level by comparing the biographic data contained in the conflicting records.

This comparison happens automatically and the system will provide options. When a vacancy has a matched applicant record that needs to be reviewed, it will:

  1. Display a banner at the top of the Applicant Overview page.
  2. Create a Merged Applicants tab in Applicant Overview.
  3. Display Resolve Now buttons next to each of the records that should be reviewed.

Matches should be resolved before creating certificates, to avoid certifying applicants more than once on a certificate.

Applicant Overview page with merged applicants.