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Please use the following to help assist with technical issues.

Text Size:

To adjust the size of your screen and text for this course, press the Ctrl button on your keyboard and use the scroll ball on your mouse to enlarge or reduce the size of screen/font.

Pop-Up Blockers:

This course uses pop-ups which the some browser's popup blocker may not allow to function properly.

To turn off Internet Explorer's popup blocker: At the top of the browser click on "Tools." Scroll down to "Popup Blocker." Click on "Turn Off Popup Blocker."

To turn off Firefox's popup blocker: At the top of the browser click on Tools > Options > Content. Un-check Block pop-up windows.

Each browser and version has different ways to turn off the pop-up blocker so you may want to search the internet for your browser's instructions or consult with your IT group.

Other Technical Issues with Online Training:

If you have any technical problems with this course, please call the Help Desk at (202) 558-2203 or toll free at (888) 804-4510 8:30 AM EST to 6:00 PM EST, except holidays.

Questions About USA Staffing:

If you need assistance with USA Staffing, please submit a help ticket from within the system by clicking the ? icon at the top of any page.

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