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Disposition Letters

The final step in closing out a certificate is to issue Disposition Letters. Disposition Letters inform applicants if they were selected or not for a certificate. In order to issue Disposition Letters, the certificate must be in Audit Complete status. The Touchpoint Notifications Sent section of the Applicant Overview will update to display a Final Disposition button when the first certificate in a Vacancy has been audited.

When ready, press the Send Remaining button.

Note: Remember, so far in the process applicants should have received several notification letters. They received the Application Received letter when they submitted their application. (This setting is controlled on the Vacancy Settings page.) Next, ineligible applicants should have received a Notice of Results letting them know they they were not eligible. Depending on your agency policies, you may also send Notice of Results to eligible applicants. When the certificate was issued, eligible applicants should have received the Notice of Referral letters.

As a reminder, the Application Received letter is the only notification that is automatically sent. All of the other notifications are initiated by the user.

Applicant Overview with Disposition Letter button.