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Applicant Eligibilities and Ratings

From Eligibilities and Ratings page you can perform the same maintenance you did on the Applicant List page including:

  • Override the applicant's eligibility or change a score (Using the Rating Details button.)
  • Adjudicate Veterans' Preference
  • Adjudicate Eligibilities

To review the applicant's documents before adjudicating or making changes to the applicant record, click the Documents button at the top of the page. Click the Documents button again to close the Documents section. Use the Notes section to document overrides, adjudications, and any other applicant changes. The History button will record, display, and retain all actions that have been taken on this applicant's record.

The Eligibility Dates section of this page will display the Eligibility End Date for that applicant record. The date is based on the Period of Eligibility set on the Vacancy Settings page and is not editable. If the announcement is still open, the applicant can re-apply and the Eligiblity End Date will update based on the most recent application.

Applicant record opened to the Eligibilities and Ratings page.