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Notifying Your Applicants

The applicant notification touchpoints can be tracked and initiated from the Applicant Overview page.

1- Application Received: This is the first notice an applicant receives. It acknowledges that applicants have submitted their questionnaire. The USAStaffing system can be configured, on the Vacancy Settings page, to automatically send these letters. If the Vacancy is not set up to automatically send these e-mails, you can do so from this page. If all notices were sent, the percentage will show 100% and the Send Remaining button will not display.

2- Notice of Results: This notification provides applicants with a summary of their application status. It will let them know if they were eligible or ineligible.

3- Notice of Referral: This notification informs applicants of their referral status. It will let them know if they were referred on any certificates.

The notification letters e-mailed to your applicants will update their status on USAJOBS. Additionally, these e-mailed letters will also be accessible to the applicant from their USAJOBS account. You can view a copy of these letters within the applicant record.

To begin, click the Send Remaining button for the notifications you want to send. The process outlined here is the same for all notifications, it is up to you and/or the agency's Standard Operating Procedure to determine when to send notifications.

Note: Some agencies will send combination Notice of Results and Notice of Referral notifications rather than sending them separately. Check with your USA Staffing Office Administrators for clarification on your agency procedures.

Applicant Overview page. The Application Received section is at 100%. The Notice of Results and Notice of Referral are at 0%.