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Amending a Certificate

On occasion, you may need to amend a certificate after it has been issued.

To add an applicant to an existing certificate, click the Show Available Applicants checkbox at the top of the page. The page will refresh and display any applicants that meet the certificate criteria but are not currently on the certificate. Available applicants will be highlighted in dark grey and an Add button on the right display. Placement on the certificate is automatic and based on the original certificate criteria. To add an applicant, click the Add button. If the applicant you want to add to the certificate does not display on the page, it means that the applicant does not meet one, or more, of the certificate criteria or filters. Since you can not modify the certificate criteria once a certificate has been issued, you will either need to adjust the applicant record to meet the certificate criteria or issue another certificate with proper criteria.

To remove an applicant from a certificate, click the checkbox next to the applicant(s) you want to amend off of the certificate and select Remove from the Apply Action button at the bottom of the page. The system will prompt you to confirm the Remove action.

Any amendments you make to a certificate will be tracked in the History for that certificate. If the certificate you are amending was previously sent to a Hiring Manager(s), any changes will automatically display in the manager's Review.

Certificate with the Show Available Applicants checkbox at the top of the page. One applicant is available to be added to this certificate.