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Advanced Criteria

In addition to the use of Criteria and Filters located along the left side of the Applicant List, Advanced Criteria is available. Advanced Criteria allows you to further refine your list based on applicant responses to the questions for this announcement.

Advanced Criteria should be applied with caution. If all applicants must meet a specific requirement to qualify for the position, that requirement should be designated as a screen-out rather than using Advanced Criteria. Applicants filtered out from a list using Advanced Criteria are still eligible for this announcement. When the applicant receives a notification for this certificate, they will display as eligible but not referred.

An example of the proper use of Advanced Criteria would be if you had two positions; one with a work schedule of part-time and another that was full-time. In this example, the announcement questionnaire contains a work schedule question. The responses to that question will be used to pull separate lists for part-time and full-time applicants. If instead, the position was only for part-time position and no full-time list was to be made, then the part-time question should instead be made into a Saved Screen Out and all applicants not willing to work part-time would be made ineligible.

To access Advanced Criteria, click the + next to Advanced Criteria at the top of the list.

Advanced Criteria Applicant List with the + highlighted.