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Adding An Applicant

Depending on your permission profile and agency procedures, another function that may be performed from the Applicant Overview page is to key enter an applicant that can not apply online. Typically this process would occur before you have issued a certificate but the system will allow you to key enter a record at any point in time.

The first step is to provide the applicant with a paper application to record responses to the questions. Each vacancy has a unique application that can be printed. Click the gear icon on the Applicant Overview page and select Print Application. Depending on the browser you are using and the settings in that browser, the printable application will display allowing you to print, or save as a file, to send to the applicant.

Click here to view a sample printed application: Sample Printed Application

Note: The Invite Late Applicant feature previously discussed is the typical method for adding applicants to a Vacancy. The Add Applicant feature should only be used for applicants that are unable to apply online. Check with your agency policy guidance before using either feature.

Applicant Overview with Print Application button shown.